Simply powerful ! Prayer of repentance to receive the Lord 悔改信住的祷告

Finally I............... found the prayer of repentance to receive the Lord.

It's hard for me everytime when I wanted to note it down because it is super long...............

I believe when time arrives, the gate of heaven opens, you will receive one of your wishing automatically. As I did.

It can be simple, it also can be detailed/hard. How say so?

Don't underestimate the simple one, it might bring on a great impact, including the detailed/hard one.

But this depends on us individually, not neccessary to follow it exactly.

I follow it because I was attracted by it. LOL! I will bring it along without worries.

Human being; why do you want to be stubborn often? Instead of being innocent, They choose to be stubborn.

Be humble, just be humble. You won't loss anything though, oppositely you'll be blessed. Ain't that good enough?

It's really easy. Whatever that you have cofessed; I believe you were watched over by our father Lord. Thus, you confess Jesus as your father, He confesses you as His son too.

There are two examples salvation prayer below: both of them can be used when he/she believes in God. The shortest one and the longest one.

I start with the shortest one first before moving into second part.

Basically the shortest one might be easy for us to remember. There are:

(1)Confess that Jesus Chirst is the Lord who rose from the dead.

(2)Confess that you are a sinner and ask for God's forgiveness.

(3)Confess that you want to follow the Lord and give your life to Him.

(4)In Jesus' name, Amen!

The last one, also known as the longest one. There are:

Dear Lord Jesus, thanks for loving me so much.

I believe You are the only true God, You came from heaven to earth just for me,

crucified for my sins and shed Your blood for me on the cross,

and You came back to life three days later. I confess I am a sinner,

I have many sins and have done many wrongs; But You love me and want to save me.

So I ask that Lord Jesus You forgive me of all my sins and wash me clean completely with Your precious blood.

From today onward, dwell in my heart and be the Saviour of my life,

my Only God, my Heavenly Father and my best friend.

Write my name down in heaven and grant me the faith to follow You forever.

In Jesus' name I break off my relationship with the devil,

and I also destroy the devil's curses, bondages, sins, chains, darkness, lies, deceptions, hurts, sufferings, sicknesses, anxieties, insecurities, worries, and fears;

everything from the past, everything bad, things that gave me no peace, and all things from the devil,

In Jesus's name I break them off completely!

I'm clean now, I have peace, I'm free, I'm healed, I'm saved, I'm blessed, I'm a precious child of God.

The precious blood of Jesus is upon me, everyday protecting me, taking care of me and giving me peace!

Thank You Jesus, glory to the Father!

In Jesus' name, as I believe, as I pray, and I shall receive, Amen!

ONE MORE, say it loud, AMEN! Trust me.

The two examples savaltion prayer,
all credit goes to GTLim pastor.

If you are curious why we kept this faith until now, feel free dropping by for reading articles.
如果你很好奇为什么我们这么坚持,不放弃的信主直到先在。请您输录 给你看更多此网站的分享。


我领悟到了,你呢? I have realized it, Do you?

Time flies and I didn't update my blog almost 1 year. Now it's time for me to refresh my mind.

Relax yourself. And try to spend your time for refreshing your mind as well.

There's always having a reminder inside my heart deeply.

what do you think of dignity? Is it important to you?

Authority, wealth, position, and reputation. It doesn't matter at all. We're just a human being like others.

We should be grateful and satisfied that everything we have now in our real lives.

Don't complain your life! There's a lot of people out there who never had such an opportunity to be like us.

Think about it, how many days do African people need to fill their satiation?

Could you feel hunger from them?

Always remind ourselves don't waste food because those remaining food can save a lot of Arfican people.

We won't know what is the meaning of thankful, satisfaction and love till we have gone through it.

Sometime, we will be getting tired of certain things in our lives.

In the process of growing up, our mind keep changing and changing.

Our perspective will be totally different as we grow older.

Are you getting tired? Stop it and let your mind rest. Looking back what you have done before.

Telling yourself you have to self-criticism and giving a chance for yourself to change. Because of imperfection, we should tolerate each other.

Fear of getting hurt? Staying strong if we wanted to live with joyfulness because each of us doesn't want to live such a tragedy world.

Brand-new-life will be brilliant till eternity once our soul and God are united.

Blessing, as peak as paradise will be flowing out into everyone. The most valuable gift ever we received in our lives.

First, I would like to thank G.T Lim(my pastor), Jane Tan(my secondary school friends), my parents,and my friends that who all have been appeared in my life. I'm grateful to all of you and our Lord Jesus. Jane Tan, a pretty girl who brought me to meet our Lord Jesus since 2007. For the first time, I was amazed this church is so ROCK and a group of band on the stage performing their music loudly. Beside, all the church followers were singing and dancing at the same time. My first expression was like "WOW", and I never thought about it where such a church like this. But the first thing appeared on my mind is top notes "Hal~leluyah, Hal~leluyah..." like pure Christ follower. When I was young I guessed all the churches might be like this kind but eventually NO. At a certain of short period, I was keep being invited to come to blessed church and I felt boring after came twice or more. One of the reasons might be I don't know God very well, and yet I haven't grown up that time.

Taiwan Trip

No matter what, the day had come. Should I be happy or should not? All my mind just thinking assignments and I gonna finish all these bloody work after I come back. What to do? Flight ticket was booked and I couldn't resist it. If not I would be scolded by my mum. This time my family and my few relatives would be joined with other members to become a touring party. Mean a small group of us travelling at Taiwan, approximately sixteen people including the group leader who takes care of us in the round-trip journey.

April 6,2011
Before going Taiwan Tao Yuan International Airport, you need to reach KK(Kota Kinabalu)international Airport before you reach there. there is the only way you can go to Taiwan. From KL to KK is 3 hours around, What do you think how long it takes from KK to Taiwan? It's the same 3 hours as well. Quite exhausted if the plane continuously keep flying in 6 hours. Oh ya!! There is a rule from KK Airport to Taiwan Airport, Taiwan Airport won't allow you bring any water except it's in your luggage or whatever which sent to there. If you didn't follow the rule and they checked it, they will straight away throw your things which contain liquid one. So remember this if you go to Taiwan.

Finally we all reached the Tao Yuan international Airport, It's pretty huge as what I think. After that we had to meet our tour conductor who would be together with us in the entire journey trip. His name called Andy, 28 years old and his appearance looks quite mature. He's very funny, he likes to share what he had experience before and sometimes made a few jokes to make us laugh but most of the time we all had no any response. LOL! hahaha... Depends on what time, if in the evening time sure we will laugh cos we all are known as vampire. If in the morning, definitely nobody laughs cos we all had to wake up in the early morning sure still in the slumber status. I'm very appreciate him, he has a plenty of knowledge and he told us a lot of things. We get some knowledges from him. Also he told us taiwanese culture, traditional and more. What he said is right, Taiwanese rice is tasty! can satisfy a lot of people. For Taiwan themselves they concentrate on agriculture and Sience & Technology. The picture below the man which is at left hand side is our tour conductor Andy.

Before we went to any places, Andy brought us go to eat lunch first. It's the first meat we ate in Tai Pei.

In order to save my time, I won't write so much bcos there are many destinations we went. So I just recommend a few nice food/drink in Taiwan.The first location we went was Tai Pei 101, The highest building in Taiwan. here you go

101 cuties, I owned 1(the green one) it costs RM 38

西门町 the most highly recommended food is 阿宗面线 some kind of noodle, taste delicious. You have to try it

九份传统鱼丸 is high recommended too

Do you want to know how Arecanut(槟榔) looks like. it can help our body getting warm bcos Taiwan weather there is cold. Eating a lot of Arecanuts also not good for our health. it will cause cancer if not mistaken, not very sure. Notice: you can't eat Arecanut into your stomach, you just only can bite and the juice inside will come out. At the end you have to throw it from your mouth and the juice. the juice color looks like brown red

This is what the result after you bite Arecanut I think I write until here. oh ya I also recommend papaya milk, I forgot the name at one of the night markets there selling it. There was 马英九 signature and a lot a lot. Not everywhere papaya milk taste good.

reblog *Charge*

It's been 4 months I didn't blog anything
Should I continue update my blog or let it be dead meat?
Since my timetable is full of appointment,perhaps update once a month? If I willing to do that
Then again nothing much for this blog, just talk about how my life goes and my studies
My life is same as usual. EAT,SLEEP,COLLEGE,PLAY,WORK
Well, this semester is totally AWESOME.
can sleep well, can do my own project(A.K.A digital drawing), can play games some more :>
Of course included ASSIGNMENT
So far there are only 4 digital drawing pieces I drew
Even though my drawing and colouring skill are not very good enough, now there is chance for me to improve
The details of this project is still unimplemented, hope I will finish it by before my graduation
Besides, There'll be announced the coming of drawing once my every new blog updates
Hope I can draw all pjcadians who in my intake one, including some seniors
will upload and share


What to do? Everyday being a nocturnal animal and facing homework

How many week we still have?

How many work we have done?

How many hour we have slept?

Although only 1 assignment can make you getting mad

Don’t think it’s easy to finish if you have no such experience before

I started falling into dread of world where full of suffering and helpless

These kind of experiment is wanted to test your patient how far you can walk your dream road

I’m really really exhausted

Now relaxation becomes my habit (comfy bed)

Yeah I want more time to sleep


The secret of infinity

The future paths slowly become unclear and invisible

A little guiding star yet slowly becomes dim

Decision is unstable due to lack of confidence

And started getting involved in multiple questions

Experimental questions are waiting for you to find out by yourself

Close your eyes and think intelligently at calmness mode

Actually what you WANT in your entire life?

Tell yourself what you want to be?

Doubts appear on your mind?

Keep trying to temper both positive and negative

It may lead you finding out the clear answer you want

Don’t hide the true of you

Perhaps it will be destroying your very first future path of eagerness

And make you getting regretful

Be brave to continue your journey

Walk Step by step and gain little by little

Do believe your first expression

Your judgment should be refined

You could see your destiny at the end of the day

That’s what HE wants to tell and let us know

This time I went back

A very short few days for me staying in Kuching

Not only family reunion and also awaken of my mighty soul

I received holy messages from my pastor (gtlim)

I could see his precious tears from his eyes when his speech moment

The reason is his father passed away one week ago

His father won’t feel loneliness because the Lord is beside him permanently

Blessings are as high as the peak of paradise

If only we follow God’s will and HIM

You’ll be blessed definitely

We’re happiness born to this grace world

What necessity you still want in your life?

Only the precious thing is LIFE

Included all the people

Do you want to save people souls who doing SIN?

They’re innocent because sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of what they’re doing

Only the Lord could guide them to the true of way

Are you happy if they’re getting more blessed than you?

Spread the Gospel and help people who needed help from us

Your kindness will be bright and they’ll receive the warming from you

The more duties you do from God‘s will, the more memorable happiness you own in your whole life

AMEN, we love thee forever

1st Anniversary

It's quite been awhile I didn't update my blog.

Today my blog is going to be 1st anniversary and also is my lovely foster-mother birthday.

Never forgot her special day.

was pleased to see her last time when my cousin's wedding ceremony.

I know I'll meet her again when time has come.

Nothing much to this new post, gonna talk slightly related to this semester.

Finally I'm like a bird inside the hell cage, honestly I face in front of my laptop everyday because most of my assignments have to be done by it. my homework is always as slow as turtle. Perhaps the reason is to fill up my certain requirement. I think I gonna stop writing and continue my works. :<

By the way,
GOOD LUCK to all my classmates :)

Let's fight together and make your brilliance towards upon celestial

It's done by using photoshop. (A.K.A Digital Drawing)